What is Christmas?

What is Christmas?

What is the name of Santa’s reindeer? Can you tell us the difference between a Christmas tree and a candy cane? When do people start singing Christmas carols? What does a Christmas cracker look like? Whenever the Christmas season arrives people start searching for this type of Christmas quiz.

What is Christmas?

Christmas is the festival of Christ, the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated around the world as a commemoration of his birth. The date is different according to the country it is celebrated in, because it is based on the Julian calendar. Christmas day comes at last after months of anticipation and preparation for Christmas. During this time, people are very busy with shopping for presents, cards, decorations and planning parties. Christmas day marks the celebration of Jesus’ birth that occurred around 2, 000 years ago. It occurs between December 20th and 26th each year on the Gregorian calendar. People celebrate this event by sending cards to friends and family or by giving gifts to them. The tradition of giving gifts originated from St. Nicholas who was famous for giving gifts to children. Today, people give each other gifts as a symbol of sharing love, peace and happiness with their dear ones.

Christmas Day is a public holiday in many of the world’s nations, is celebrated religiously by a majority of Christians, as well as culturally by many non-Christians , and forms an integral part of the holiday season centered around it. Christmas has been a major feast and holy day for centuries, and its observance was originally instituted over 2,000 years ago.

Christmas is a popular time of the year for many people. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is traditionally seen as a time for family gatherings with lots of food, eggnog, presents and more! There are lots of traditions that people have at Christmas. One that most people have is to have a big dinner with family or friends. Christmas is also a time when many people go shopping for presents to give to others. People decorate their homes with lights and Christmas trees. Most people also give small gifts for children on this day too. Many children are excited about getting presents from Santa Claus on this day too! This tradition varies from country to country though, so it is important to check what your country’s tradition is regarding Santa Clause.

Christmas season is love

Christmas is the festival of love and sharing where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated all over the world and it is a very important and popular festival in the western countries like America, Canada, England and Australia.

Christmas has become a very big festival in today’s world because it has been commercialized by many multinational companies. On Christmas every family member get to meet each other, get together and enjoy their time together with delicious food and exchange gifts including Christmas cards. People send Christmas cards to their friends, relatives and to organizations as well.

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Christmas is an annual festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on 25th of December every year. It is celebrated with great fun, joy, happiness, warmth & harmony in families & friends circle with lots of love & affection. One of the most important things that are exchanged during Christmas are Christmas cards. All people send these cards to their friends, families & relatives as a token of love & respect on the eve of this festival. These cards are also called greeting cards or holiday cards. These are sent through mail using stamps or sometimes people convey them personally with their own hands to reach their destination before time. These are available in large number at all card shops or printing shops throughout the year round.


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