Everything You Need To Know About Horse Blankets

Everything You Need To Know About Horse Blankets

Horse owners can use horse blankets for a variety of reasons and on different horses. Because many conventional blankets won’t fit or serve the goal, you can’t just use any old blanket. Horse blankets are available in various colors, sizes, and materials. You’re probably wondering, “What kind of blanket does my horse need?” Learn everything there is to know about horse blankets by reading this article.

If you have additional horses in the stable, all horse owners should be prepared to remove their old blankets and shop for new ones. Depending on your location and the outside temperature, you should consider blanketing your horse in the late fall or early winter.

A preferable standard is to blanket your horse if the outside temperature is 40 degrees or lower throughout the day. Horse species can also affect this because some are known to have stronger skin than others. You should let your horse don the blanket whenever the temperature reached about 50 degrees. Keep in mind that blanketing your horse is not just appropriate during cold weather and seasonal changes. Health problems, if the horse is only ridden inside, and moving the horse from a warmer to a colder region are some more situations that may warrant wearing a waterproof horse sheet on your horse.

Once you know when and why to blanket your horse, learn about the most common blankets on the market that a horse owner may purchase. The Turnout blanket is the first one. Turnout blankets are made to protect from both cold and rainy weather. These can be very flexible based on the weather and the health of your horse and are tough.

Turnout blankets are often made of a fabric blend or nylon. These blankets also come in different fill weights.This allows you to choose the degree of warmth your horse will receive from the blanket. You don’t want to go too light or heavy, so be careful to get the appropriate gram count for your horse. The stable blanket is the second kind of blanket.

Traditionally, stable blankets are used when the horse is in the barn or being moved. These blankets are frequently made of thick, quilted material but are not waterproof. Although some patterns of Stable blankets are water resistant, rain cannot be tolerated. Like the Turnout blanket, the Stable pattern is available in various fill weights. Keeping your horse dry and warm while in the stall or trailer is its primary goal. It doesn’t offer your horse the same versatility as the Turnout blanket. Other blanket varieties include dress blankets, anti-sweat blankets, etc. These blankets can help keep your horse healthy and content while serving various goals.

Final words

No matter how much or little experience you have with owning horses, don’t allow finding the perfect blanket or even dressage saddle pads bother you. Use this post as a resource to discover all there is to know about choosing the best fleece horse blanket for your horse.


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