How To Keep Your Clients Happy?

How To Keep Your Clients Happy?

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job and securing a new client certainly is not. But none of them come close to the difficulty level of keeping a client happy. Experts like Chrissie Lightfoot say that it takes about seven times more money and time to secure a new client than getting work from someone who is already a client. For this, it is essential to tend to their needs and keep them happy so that you will not be fired. They must not feel taken for granted.

Here are the ways to keep your client happy. A happy client will bring more to your business.

1. HANDLE MONEY MATTERS IMMEDIATELY –Cost and billing matters are one the most sensitive topics. Leaders advise that clearing the expenses with the client before they sign anything so that they would know what they are getting into to avoid future disputes. Ensure that your billing system is adequate and there is no confusion in bills. Keep the client in the loop about the costs.

2. KNOW THEM AT A PERSONAL LEVEL – The best way to keep your client happy is by being a friend. Tom Jakobek invests time to maintain good relationships with his clients. Build relationships with trust. You can do that by taking notes about their family, their interests, etc. Keep in touch on a non-business level. Do not treat them just as a client, be a friend. Invite them to a party or spend some time together.

3. ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE – Being available at all times is how you can let them know that you are someone they can count on in desperate times. Return the calls as soon as possible. You do not have to come up with an answer right away but letting them know that you care and working on the problem will calm them. Tom Jakobek Toronto proves that being always available for your clients strengthens the relationships with them.

4. DO NOT BILL FOR EVERYTHING – Since already mentioned that try to befriend with your client, you do not bill them for every piece of advice. Do not let the client worry that even short calls will cost him. Allow them to think of you as an advisor, and they will be your life-long client.

5. OWN YOUR MISTAKES – “To err is to human.” You know mistakes can happen anytime by anyone, and so does your client. They do not expect you to be perfect all the time. However, they expect you to apologize and fix the mess you made. Presenting them with lies and excuses will only jeopardize your relationship and hurt your business. Once the issue is resolved, show appreciation and let them know how grateful you are.


In the beginning, when entrepreneurs are trying to land a new client, they pay a lot of attention. As soon as they are signed, that attention is gone. This is what takes away the client’s satisfaction, and they would think that they might have made a mistake. So, keep providing services to your clients and let them know you care. Maintain the relationships by having constant communication with your clients.


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