All You Need To Know About Mangalsutra Jewellery

All You Need To Know About Mangalsutra Jewellery

Mangalsutra is an essential piece of jewellery worn by Hindu married women to show their relationship status. It is made of black beads in a long chain pattern with a pendant. In Indian Hindu culture, it is the belief that this particular chain serves to protect the bond between the couple from harmful factors. The colour black in the beads is further known to drive away negativity and bring about good health and prosperity for the husband. Hence a woman is mainly destined to wear this until the death of her husband.


This jewellery first originated in South India, popularly known as the thali or maangalyam. The concept of this jewellery can be traced to the 6th century AD when the groom tied a yellow thread during marriages, and these threads were immersed in turmeric entirely. This fights off evils, and the word mangalsutra means an auspicious thread. Then the black beads are put onto these sacred yellow threads, and black beads were considered the best jewellery gifts for your loved ones owing to their inbuilt positive vibes. Hence this is undoubtedly a holy thing in marriage for Indian Hindus with greater significance.


A mangalsutra denotes the marital dignity of a woman. A groom ties it and promises to stay with the bride forever. This sacred union is just incomplete without this piece of jewellery. And according to Indian tradition, a mangalsutra is tied with three knots. The meaning for each knot are:

  • Knot 1: Everlasting loyalty of the wife
  • Knot 2: Commitment of the wife to the family
  • Knot 3: Devotion of the Supreme power to protect the bond forever

What are the Different Names for Mangalsutra?

The various names with which a mangalsutra is referred to in different parts of India are:

  • Dejhoor in Kashmir
  • Taagpaag in Bihar
  • Vati in Maharashtra
  • ThaaliKodi in Tamil Nadu
  • Minnu in Kerala
  • Bottu in Andra Pradesh

Few Tips While buying a Mangalsutra

There are various patterns of mangalsutra available in the market, and while buying them, there are few things to be considered, and the following guide to buying are:

Length – The right size depends on the woman, her height and whatever is comfortable for her. This is the essential thing to consider as it is an ornament that the woman will wear constantly.

Design – Designs are of two major types, which are the contemporary and traditional ones. The difference lies in the pendant, which is either round, v-shaped or heart-shaped. And apart from these, there are also specific offbeat designs. The size of the pendant also matters here, and for regular use, it is suggested to opt for a small pendant.

Chain – The chain should necessarily be sturdy. The number of strings in the mangalsutra is the primary contributor to the sturdiness, and the chain design can be either black beads entirely or with a mixture of gold and black beads.

Authenticity – Hallmark is the best sign to denote authenticity on jewellery, and even while buying a mangalsutra, one should give preference to hallmarked ones. Shop for gold coins online along with the hallmarked jewellery, so there will be more returns later.

In recent times diamonds are setting the trend in mangalsutras. But the black beads are also very much in vogue with a tremendous religious belief that they drive away negative energies. With rising fashions and cultures, modern Indian women are turning their heads towards sleeker patterns to carry with different outfits.


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