Steps in Roof Replacements

Steps in Roof Replacements

Proper roof replacement Ridgeland-based services will bring various changes to your roof. The first thing a roof replacement project achieves is making your roof look appealing. Quality roof replacing will make a difference between having a durable roofing structure and a roofing structure that keeps leaking and exhibiting other roofing issues.

Regardless of whether you intend to incorporate new roofing shingles, three-tab shingles, or cedar shakes, engaging a professional roofing contractor will enable you to go through the following steps with ease.

Removal of the current roof

The most daunting role is tearing away the current or old roofing structure. There is a need to involve a roofer who understands the best way to tear off the roof and dispose of it before installing and fixing a new roof. The roofing contractor should appropriately take off the roofing structure, remove debris, and sweep away or clean up the area before bringing in a new roof.

Placement of a clean layer of felt

After getting rid of your old roofing structure, nails, and loose debris removed, their next step is laying down a clean tar paper or felt layer to avoid any roof leaking. The layer is fixed between the plywood and the last layer of the roofing shingles: mostly placed above the roof’s plywood.

Apply new roofing shingles

The last step in the roof replacing process is installing new shingles above the felt layer. The roofing shingles should be neatly prepared in the proper cut and alignment to ensure your roof matches and looks good. Roofers are experienced in using chalk to cut lines that run straight from one roof end to another.

The best roofers will guarantee a neat job with well-maintained lines from side to side and from the top of your roofing structure to the bottom. Wrong roof replacement may lead to a crooked and unleveled structure.


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