Some of the Ways to Make Online English Learning Fun for Kids

Some of the Ways to Make Online English Learning Fun for Kids

The ongoing pandemic has shifted offline learning at schools to online classes. As a result, teachers have become concerned about providing the best experience to students to attain the highest grades or marks. Moreover, tests and results are also being conducted online.

The group classes include five or more students; however, many reputed institutions also provide one-to-one language courses. Also, learning English as a second language has become fun for kids by using a few methods.

5 Ways to Make Online English Classes Fun for Children

● Word Games

The simplest way to grasp children’s attention is by playing word games. It can help to increase vocabulary, learn to spell, enhance grammar, and teach English as a language. Moreover, word games work for all age groups.

The games for a toddler would be different in contrast to ten-year-old children. The former may understand through pictures and objects, whereas the latter can play scrabble and jumbled words.

●Singing Songs

One of the coolest methods to make the room harmonious is by telling kids to sing unanimously. Teachers, parents, and children like the method. Moreover, online English classes can loosen up with a little group activity.

Additionally, children can lose the lisp or mispronunciation and even conquer all aspects of spoken English. Moreover, songs involve making sense through sentences and words. So, the cognitive abilities of the children would harness.


If singing and word games become an uninteresting English learning activity, teachers can use storytelling. The latter can show pictures in a sequence and ask children to recite a short story. Optionally, a tutor can ask children to recite stories on their favorite cartoons, movie stars, etc.

Unfortunately, storytelling is an activity for children above two years old. However, toddlers can be recited stories from books or imagination, and they learn by listening. Parents should read more stories to toddlers at night or during their spare time.

● Interactive Videos

Teachers can ask a graphic designer at their center or school to make descriptive and informative interaction videos. Optionally, tutors can use the most common videos available on the web to teach English for kids.

In addition to this, trainers can even involve children in a group activity to make a video. Each kid would require to recite certain aspects of a pre-written script. These can include paragraphs or characters from plays, poems, stories, etc.

● Engaging Conversations

Children above five years old can engage in online conversation under the supervision of parents and teachers. The latter can ask them to debate a favorite character, hero, play, author, etc.

Optionally, trainers can ask to speak about global warming, the environment, festivals, places, etc. The purpose of the task is to spoken and written English conversation. Therefore, children should write down the conversation after talking to each other.

A few other methods of making online English learning fun for kids include flashcards, labeling, art projects, mimicking, and talking with native English speakers. Teachers can also mix sentences, and play games like Pictionary, hangman, bingo, etc.


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