Can Phillips CPAP Machines Cause Cancer?

Can Phillips CPAP Machines Cause Cancer?

CPAPs are often prescribed for people who suffer from sleep apnea. But unfortunately, one of the biggest CPAP companies, Phillips, has recently come under fire for the finding that their machines may lead to cancer in those who use them.

If you have been prescribed a Phillips CPAP machine and are wondering if you qualify for a lawsuit, you should strongly consider contacting an experienced defective medical device lawyer today. These dedicated professionals will fight hard for you and help you every step of the way.

Types of Cancer Associated with Phillips CPAP Machines

While the investigation is still ongoing into potential issues caused by Phillips CPAP machines, the following cancers have been associated with the devices:

  • Renal Cancer.
  • Hepatic Cancer.
  • Cancer of the Rectum.
  • Lung Cancer.

However, if you’ve used a Phillips CPAP machine and developed cancer of any kind, you may still consider contacting a lawyer to determine whether or not you qualify for a lawsuit.

How are Phillips Devices Leading to Cancer?

Some Phillips products and machines contain a specialized type of foam that is designed to dampen the noise of the machines and devices but can CPAP machines cause cancer? Research has recently shown that this foam may be breaking apart and inhaled or ingested by users. As a result, those who are exposed to these foam particles in such a way may be at greater risk for developing cancer.

Which Phillips Machines Have Been Linked to the Development of Cancer?

Not all Phillips products have been associated with cancer. However, the following devices have been recalled and those who are still using one of these products should stop immediately and contact their doctor:

  • Phillips BiLevel CPAPs.
  • Phillips CPAPs.
  • Phillips Ventilators.

Phillips has recalled all of the above devices. They are urging all patients who need have used any of these devices to consult with their doctor regarding other possible therapeutic treatments for sleep apnea.

Are there any Other Issues Linked to Phillips Devices?

Besides cancer, other issues that have been reported include:

  • Gastrointestinal issues.
  • Lung problems.
  • General inflammation and irritation.
  • And many more.

Fortunately, no deaths have been linked to these devices as of yet. But victims are continuing to be monitored in order to determine what the extent of the damage may be long-term.

I Think I Qualify for a Phillips CPAP Lawsuit, What Should I Do?

First and foremost, you should immediately cease using your Phillips device and contact your physician (NOTE: patients using ventilators should talk to their doctor before discontinuing use). Your health is the most important consideration.If you suspect you have cancer, the earlier you can be screened and treated, the better.

Once you’ve been evaluated by a medical professional, the next step you should consider is contacting a defective medical device lawyer. Regardless of whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, or experienced another side effect due to the use of a Phillips device, speaking to a lawyer is a good idea. These cases are tricky and can cause significant hurdles for victims. Partnering with a lawyer can make the process much easier, and you will get every penny to which you are due.


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