Why You Should Choose a React Native for Mobile App Development?

Why You Should Choose a React Native for Mobile App Development?

In this fast-moving digital era, there is massive competition between mobile app design companies and React native is among them. As per statistics, 42%of software developers prefer React Native platform in 2020. The mobile app is the fastest-growing segment in the mobile industry, and even this market shows no signs of slowing down in the future. Why? This is because of the flood of smartphones’extensive adoption by people, which drives the mobile market to grow substantially. So, this theory aims to create an app that is compatible with iOS and Android for customers.

When it comes to mobile app development, we go through various phases. To save a business from future bugs, it’s necessary to consider each stage. Another important aspect is that whether an app will run on iOS and Android? Let’s suppose we want to run our application on both platforms. Sound crazy? Not at all. However, we will have to write two different programming languages for these different environments. It is something we need to worry about, as it takes high cost and requires high resources. Here React Native comes to our mind!

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Hold on, let’s have a better understanding of the term “React Native.”

Launched by Facebook, react native is an open-source platform. It doesn’t compromise on user experience.

Use a Little or More: React native brought good news for all of us, it can be work in existing Android or iOS apps, or you may create an entirely new application from scratch.

Benefits of Going with React Native in 2021:

Let’s get an answer to why we should select react native for a mobile app development project?

Work Under Budget:

The most notable benefits of choosing react native is the lowered production costs. It is hard for a new venture to app development service with a limited budget, here react-native hold your hand. It saves money and resources for your business. With a react native app, you get these both perks to run business activities efficiently and effectively. It also helps production teams to accelerate the manufacturing process, which significantly reduces time on the market. It will also allow them to hit a higher number of customers. more infor: http://thdailymagazine.com

Cross-Platform Facility:

With the help of react native, we can use the same coding to develop iOS or Android applications. Isn’t it sound good? Not only this, it gives outstanding performance without asking us for additional charges. You don’t require a different programming language such as Swift, Java, or any other language. You just need a JavaScript developer with a native UI library.

React native has a Long Future:

There will not be anything wrong if we assume that the future of hybrid applications will soon rule the mobile app market. It has become the requirement of every development firm, whether running a large firm or at the startup level. In the upcoming years, the demand will increase rapidly. The app developer should understand how to get maximum benefits by using this new technology. There is a one-stop for perfect marketing at a reasonable price-hybrid application.

Trustworthy Framework:

You can put all your trust in react native as it proved itself with giant techs like Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, etc., millions of users using these applications, and they don’t switch. Why? Because of the performance and scalability that react native provide to them. These few applications are evident that you can also create an app reaching a vast audience and expand your business worldwide.

Single Expert Team:

Thanks to react-native, you only require a single developer’s team for your entire project. In this way, you safe from the mess as too many cooks cannot prepare one dish. It’s better to choose one who is proficient.

It is the winning cross-platform among others such as flutter, Native Script, Xamarin, etc., but we cannot make assumptions on popularity metric. Isn’t it? But we cannot deny the facts and figure that Facebook developed it. Moreover, when we talk about developer’s preferences, react-native comes on the second number as per the 2019 JavaScript survey.

Learning Curve:

Are you familiar with JavaScript? If yes, then you will quickly learn to react-native. It doesn’t require any special training and practices. It has the most manageable components that developers can learn rapidly.

Expand Market & Revenue Generating:

Reflect first on what the company needs to achieve by launching a mobile app. You may want to launch a new product in front of potential consumers, rapidly changing customers’ buying experience in the short term. One of the critical benefits of react native mobile apps is that it’s convenient and quicker to create than a hybrid application. The design of a react native application will allow you to boost your revenue-generating goals in this respect. It helps businesses to exploit their current web development talent pool to lead the mobile market.

Key points of Choosing React Native:

  • React native has a modular architecture
  • It offers stable application as compare to other frameworks
  • It also has an effective coding system
  • You get flexibility in react native apps
  • It gives you optimal performance without heavy your pocket

Competition among the developers of smartphone applications will escalate in the upcoming years. Thus, before working on your app, you can look out for any theme. Any breakthrough in mobile app building has some pros and cons. In this business, if you’re a newcomer, you might find it challenging. Nevertheless, you will still figure out the right mobile app layout pattern for your app with industry experts.

Fabric – An Emerging Evolution is on the way!

Things have changed beyond our imagination with the advent of smartphone technologies. We spend most of the time surfing the internet.Well, the good news is that a upcoming project of react native is on its way, and we called it “Fabric.” With this platform, react native is planning to architecture the JavaScript. Under this program, we can expect that there will be faster growth in the react native framework. The fabric stays ahead far better than react-native to provide the best user experience.

In a Nutshell:

After a detailed overlook now, we have a crystal-clear picture about react-native and choose this platform for the next development project. Now, if you plan to develop a multi-dimensional application, you know very well where you have to turn.

From well-established companies to startups, people are into app development rather than rely on web pages. However, there is a vast difference between web pages and mobile applications; hence it’s even more essential to choose a quick app development approach. Though always look at the app’s update. Whatever platform you choose for the development project,no user will ever open your application regularly if it’s not updating timely.

Entrepreneurs are experiencing many challenges nowadays. Many big and small enterprises prefer to have anapplication that can meet their instant strategies. Hybrid applications offer more than a native application. Considering scalability, ease to use, low budget, and the other advantage it has.

Statista revealed that smartphone users expected to download 139 billion mobile applications from the Google play store by 2024. The hybrid application will win in the future for sure. If you are ready to develop your application with an affordable process and time, you should surely go for hybrid app development. Several software platforms started using react native;Cubix is just one of them.


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