Avoiding Copied SEO Content

Avoiding Copied SEO Content

The content we craft on our websites is what draws in our customers. Therefore, it is best practice to use 100% unique content that has not been copied from any other source. Any SEO company will tell you that all SEO content must be fresh, engaging, and evergreen to produce the best results.

Copied content is any writing that is copied word for word. However, search engines also view content as duplicated when just a word or two are changed, such as the name of a product or brand. If you are found to have copied content from any other source, you will most likely see an adverse effect on your SEO content.

So exactly how can you avoid using duplicated content? And what causes this to happen? How will a search engine know if your SEO content was produced first when your competitor copied it? Follow along to find out.

To avoid getting penalized by the search engines, upload only unique content that was crafted for your site. Whoever writes the content should run it through a plagiarism checker to determine if it is unique.

To prevent others from copying your SEO content, you should use the following methods:

  • Taxonomy is the process of mapping out all of your content on your website, providing a keyword and H1 headline. You may also use topic clusters to assist in cutting down on duplication.
  • Canonical tags can greatly reduce others using your content. These are used to tell Google that this page is the main version of the content that is owned by someone.
  • Duplicate URLs can create a mess when it comes to copied content. These are common when it comes to HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Redirects are a great method to address identical content. You can always redirect your visitors to your main page.
  • Meta Tagging is a beneficial technological element to search for when evaluating the harm of similar writings on your website. Meta robots and the signs you’re presently dispatching to search engines from your web pages. Meta robots tags are valuable if you wish to eliminate a definite page(s) from being registered by Google and would rather havethem not be placed in search results. By using the ‘no index’ meta robots tag to the HTML code of the webpage, it willefficiently let Google know you do not desire it to show up on the search engine results page.
  • Parameter handling demonstrates how to crawl websites successfully and competently to search engines. Parameters frequently make identical content as their utilization makes reproductions of a webpage.

If you find that your SEO content has been duplicated, an SEO company will tell you that you need to perform searches on your site on a regular basis to see how often your website is being indexed. You can contact the website owner who has copied your content and either ask for the content to be removed from their site or give credit to you as it was created by you. Then you should be certain to use canonical tags that reference yourself for any new content you have created.

If you do not feel you can provide your website with fresh content on a regular basis, you should contact Affordable SEO Company Tampa. They can assist you in SEO content that is unique, engaging, and full of the best information that is relevant to your website.


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