Technical Properties of Blockboards that Make them a Great Building Material

Technical Properties of Blockboards that Make them a Great Building Material

Technology has advanced and has had a profound effect on construction materials. Today, builders have access to many different types of materials to ensure that the completed buildings are strong, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting. One of the materials that are now being used as a building material is blockboards.

What are Blockboards 

Blockboards are a type of engineered wood that are often used to make furniture and are considered a great substitute for plywood.

In the building industry, blockboards are often used to make bookshelves, wall paneling, tables, partition walls, and benches. There is a reason why blockboards have become one of the preferred building materials. To understand this, it is important to look at the technical properties of this engineered wood.


Blockboards are lightweight and have less density in comparison to many other engineered woods. Hence, these boards are easy to transport and handle. As a result, clock in and out app when they are used as building materials, it is relatively easy to cut, shape, and install blockboards.


The way the boards are made lends them strength and are considered a much stronger alternative to MDF and particle boards. The good news is that these boards can withstand loads even though they have low density, and that is why they are used for making load-bearing furniture, like bookshelves and tables.

Resistant to Cracking and Warping 

Blockboards have impressive dimensional stability when they are exposed to humidity. Hence, these boards can be used in geographical areas that have high humidity levels. There is no risk of the boards cracking or warping and that is why they are often used to make wall paneling, shelves, and several other household furniture.

Resistant to Sagging and Bending 

The outer layers of veneer give it a stiff structure. As a result, the boards do not sag or bend. This makes it the perfect choice for large furniture, such as shelves and long tables.

Superior Screw-Holding Capacity 

Another reason to use blockboards as a building material is their ability to hold screws and nails. This enables you to create custom furniture to suit your personality, taste, and space. Blockboards are the ideal material to make shelves, where the ability to hold screws and nails is essential.

Sound and Thermal Insulation 

Blockboards do not conduct heat, sound, and electricity. Hence, when you use them as panels, you will be able to enjoy superior sound and thermal insulation. Due to these properties, it does not allow ambient noises to filter inside and also keeps the place cool in summer and warm in winter. Due to their superior sound insulation property, blockboards are often used to create partitions in spaces, such as radio stations and recording studios, where soundproofing is a necessity.

Ease of Working 

Carpenters can use regular woodworking tools to cut blockboards, as they do not split when the boards are cut. This makes it easy to create different designs and shapes to suit the needs of the customer.

In Conclusion 

These technical properties make blockboards a highly coveted building material. If you opt for a renowned brand, you can be rest assured knowing that the quality of the blockboards will be great and they will last long. CenturyPly blockboards come with virus-killing technology known as Virokill and will help you protect your home from harmful pathogens.


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