Science Olympiad Class 1 to 10

Science Olympiad Class 1 to 10

National Science Olympiad is a competition where students from different schools come across to take part in this exam. This is school level completion which was organized annually by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). For this student come from class 1 to 10 to take participate in such a program. Based on your respective class syllabus and each class has a different syllabus. So as per your class, you will get a question paper designed so you can solve it accordingly. The team (SOF) who organize this completion will be going to ask questions from your school syllabus only. The questions prepared will be challenging enough to cultivate scientific reasoning and logical ability.

The year 2020-2021 have they have conducted the exam in three sets. Which will be going to held from December 2020 and January 2021. Indian Talent Olympiad also conducts science Olympiad where about so many students from different states take part in this exam. This is one of the best places for the student who has a higher interest in science. This very exciting for science students as they will go to learn new terms and innovations in the field of science and technology. It gets conducted in two parts and you need to clear level one to go for level 2.

How to Register for Science Olympiad Class 1 to 10:

If you want to get yourself registered for this science Olympiad. So you need to check the exam dates which you can check on the Science Olympiad Foundation’s official website. This will help candidates when to start the preparation, If you want you can download the date sheet and plan their studies accordingly. If you want you can visit the Indian Talent Olympiad and get yourself register by paying the registration fee. You can also nominate your name from their respective schools and also as individual participants are also allowed.

Syallbus for Science Olympiad Class 1 to 10:

If you also want to know the syllabus which you need to prepare for or what type of national science olympiad question papers will be going to be. So just for your knowledge the question will from your school syllabus only either you are from CBSE, ICSE, State Board, etc. Each level of exams has qualifying marks which you need to move on next level exam. This exam also contains minus marking (If you give an incorrect answer then they will give you minus marking for that question). So you need to be very careful while answering your questions.

Result for Science Olympiad Class 1 to 10:

After the exam is done you don’t need to hunt for results, you can visit SOF official website to check the result. The result month the disclose start only which usually be February of every year. According to your score if you are a top-ranking student then you will also be going to get awarded for this. It can be anything that includes cash awards, medals, gifts, certificates, etc.


Above share details for science Olympiad exams will be the same for all class students. So if you are looking for a nomination and also won’t help then you can visit the official Indian Talent Olympiad website and get yourself nominated.


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