Post Covid-19 Era: Has CBSE Schools In Hyderabad Coped With The New World?

Post Covid-19 Era: Has CBSE Schools In Hyderabad Coped With The New World?

The global impact of the Coronavirus has been detrimental to top schools all around the world, ranging from your majestic IITs to your street-side B-grade CBSE schools. COVID has taken the world’s education system in a timeless loop, with seemingly no way of getting out. Schools are shut, students are daydreaming when they are supposed to be taking strides in their respective careers & a board widely recognized & acclaimed in this country is taking steps to reduce the digital distancing between the students & the school authorities. Similarly, CBSE schools in and around Hyderabad have been trying to cater to their student’s needs in the best ways possible. How, did you ask? Let us find out.

CBSE schools in Hyderabad: a brief analysis


City faculties in connection with the Central Board of education, have faced difficulties in grading their category ten students.those listed with CBSE faculties for associate extended amount of it slow.

The Management Dilemma

All CBSE-affiliated schools have to use their historical performance as a reference for marking students in 2021 since the policy is formulated to grade students in the absence of exams. These new schools, however, will have to base their assessments on the district average since they have no such data.

The Type of Education Hyderabad Provides

Hyderabad offers a wide variety of opportunities for your child to pursue a bright future. For students who are interested in nationalized institutions of higher learning, there are some best CBSE schools in Hyderabad. Depending on their abilities and desire, students can pursue a plethora of fields here. You can easily plan for your child to pursue IIT or AIIMS if he or she takes a foundational course over here and faces this fierce competition. There are many schools that are geared towards providing students with a stress-free education while at the same time nurturing their overall development. Parents and other stakeholders also provide a lot of feedback to the professional teachers and they analyze and monitor the quality of education. There are a variety of teaching techniques here tailored to suit all levels of students and a goal for student proficiency.

 Schools in Hyderabad

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana state, is still trying to cope up and trying to stay the fourth-largest urban agglomeration in India and the home to both IT industries and cultural landmarks. But the situation due to the pandemic has also made it difficult to find a suitable school for their kids in Hyderabad. But we know for a fact that there are the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad and they will eventually be coped with the world.

At The Conclusion

The Telangana government should be commended for providing a great deal of educational and research institutions in Hyderabad. Even after all the struggling due to Covid-19, somehow Hyderabad is still as always standing out in the crowd. There are many universities in the country with the most renowned alumni, such as Osmania University, BITS Pilani, JNU, IIIT Hyderabad, and IIT Hyderabad. There are more international schools in Moti Nagar and other places in Hyderabad that are crucial to your education. In the history of education in India, Hyderabad has thus etched its name in gold.


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