Out door Dainage Mats For Commercial Premises

Out door Dainage Mats For Commercial Premises

Think about it. Imagine a beautiful office entrance. Your office is elegant and has great space. You also exude professionalism. It seems like you have hit all the right notes when it comes to making great first impressions. Now, imagine your reception area floor being covered in muddy footprints and water puddles. This kind of ruins the professional atmosphere. Muddy footprints and puddles on the ground can ruin an immaculate entrance, lobby and reception area. While this will impact the impression that people get about your company, it can be even more dangerous. If water is not kept off the floors, it can create a slippery surface which invites slips or falls. This could lead to serious injuries and even cause lawsuits. This is not a situation any professional company would like to be in.

These situations are avoidable if you choose the right mats.

Most often, water follows visitors into a building via their shoe soles, especially when it is rainy or wet. It is possible to tap the majority of this water and drain it off your premises before it enters your building.

WaterHog Drainable Border Mats make the best mats for this task. They are made from industrial grade, heavy duty materials. These mats are perfect for the job because they are thicker and more resistant to temperature fluctuations. According to its definition, drainage mats have drainage holes or slots through the surface that allow water to drain. They are best for wet conditions, but can also be used in dry weather.

These outdoor mats are versatile and can be used in many areas.


Place outdoor drainage mats outside of the entrance to reduce dirt and water ingress into the commercial building. The mats’ drainage holes allow for the water to drain through and collect under the mat. Drainage holes allow water from the surface to drain away and collect at the entrance. The mats’ drainage holes lightly scrape the soles of your shoes. When your commercial premises is in wet areas, the drainage holes will be of greatest benefit.

Swimming Pool Areas

You can find standard-sized drainage entrance mats that work well in areas that are not subject to much rain. When cart traffic is involved, drainage rubber mats are better because they are more flexible and bouncy. When you want to cover a walkway or boardwalk, drainage mats come in longer lengths. The best way to keep slippery floors safe is with outdoor drainage mats. The drainage holes allow water and other substances to drain from the surface.

Outdoor entrance mats are made of recycled rubber, nitrile rubber or vinyl. Drainage mats can have bevelled edges to avoid potential tripping hazards. Outdoor drainage mats can also have carpeted inserts.

Other Uses

You can also use drainage mats indoors for a variety of purposes.

  • Kitchens- Drainage kitchen mats are a boon in an area that is prone to fats, oils, sauces, butters, juices, and other foods.
  • Showers- A rubber floor mat that allows water to drain and creates safety in shower areas.
  • Saunas and Steam rooms – Because of the moisture-heavy environment and reduced visibility, saunas or steam rooms may need drainage mats to help prevent slippage.
  • Workshops- Engine oils, grease, and motor fluids cannot create dangerous, slippery surfaces anymore with drainage mats
  • Factory assembly lines – Rubber anti fatigue drainage mats can also be used to reduce the fatigue that employees experience from standing for long periods of time.


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