Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media in Our Lives

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media in Our Lives

Social media started in 1997 and there has been so much advancement after that year. Social media is a combination of different social platforms where people from all over the world can interact with each other and share their valuable thoughts as well. It consists of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker and many others. According to reports, there are 2.7 billion users of social media around the world.

Advantages of Social Media

Social media has changed our lives. Successful people like Nick Gamache Ottawa are using different social media platforms to interact with other people. It has advantages and long-lasting impacts. Following are some notable benefits of social media.

1. Life has become very fast, and those people don’t have time to meet others and share their thoughts using social media platforms. Social media provides you with such opportunities to interact with each other and get to know new people as well.

2. According to some sources, social media has played a vital role in decreasing suicide ratio. People are getting a fabulous platform where they can refresh their mood.

3. If you have an online store or you are running a website, social media can help you there as well. It can help increase your sales and revenue.

4. Social media is a media of people. People share their thoughts and opinions. There is 100% freedom of speech here. This is the reason that people love to hear others.

5. Social media helps you share and promote your content. If you are a good content creator, you can make your mark in the world by making your accounts on social media and your followers will share it worldwide. Nick Gamache CBC has effectively used social media to promote content and strengthen the portfolio.

6. There is an option of paid advertising here. If you want to promote your brand and generate a huge revenue, social media is for you. Just like ads on TV and newspapers, social media ads help in good exposure of the company.

Disadvantages of Social Media

Although there are many benefits of social media, it has some disadvantages as well. Let’s dig into this.

1. Social media can cause addiction which is not good. People who use social media don’t go for face-to-face discussion instead they spend their working hours on social media and precious time is wasted. It is more common in adults and students.

2. Social media is a home to good and bad news. Nowadays, bad news gets more popular. Social media is creating the issues of depression and tension among people. As they are isolated from the rest of the world, they are more depressed than others who don’t.

3. Everyone is conscious about his/her privacy. There is a huge privacy concern on social media. Personal details are not safe on social media. Some social media platforms have been found selling the user’s details.

4. Students who are more oriented towards social media, don’t get good grades. Social media keeps you busy all day long and you forget your responsibilities as a student. Students must avoid or limit the use of social media.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a blessing in today’s busy life. It can help promote you and your content worldwide. However, it should be used to limit and avoid having bad impacts of social media in our lives.


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