6 Great Ways To Get A Child Ready For A Spelling Bee Words

6 Great Ways To Get A Child Ready For A Spelling Bee Words

You might become a little stressed when your kid requests you to aid him or her succeed in a spelling bee competition.  If your child has not already mastered the fundamentals of grammar and spelling, you should start from there first. You should also focus on recalling skills improvement and phrase mapping. Finally, you may assist him/her in studying his/her spelling bee vocabulary.

Spelling bee preparation necessarily involves a significant amount of time and effort. It might appear simple initially, but once you begin your practice, you will quickly understand how complicated tasks can become. 

Students can build a strong credibility for the major competitions while they prepare themselves for the spelling bee. This even assists in the growth of the children’s vocabulary skills that they will gain from throughout the year.

Therefore if you are looking for some great ways to get your child ready for a spelling bee and also to save your time and energy you are at the right place. Below are mentioned 6 ways to assist your child to perform outstanding in his/her spelling bee competition.

Write And Practice

Practice is a key to perfection. The more you practice the more you get better and this phrase mostly implies vocabulary learning where you have to memorize the word exactly letter by letter.

Let your child practice his/her 1st grade spelling bee words by writing them in 3 formats. Write the word in the smallest letters possible and try to follow the cursive writing pattern. Repeat the procedure but this time make letters a little more bigger than the previous one (normal format), and then write the same words in the large letters. This is how he/she will practice the same word three times in different ways that aid in remembering the word exactly letter by letter.

Picture Search

Help your kid in learning his dictation for class 1 through some creative ways that ignites the interest in them. Start by drawing a picture related to the word and hide the word in it and let your child go on a word hunt and search the word in the picture. You can also use a timer to make it more fun and exciting.

Create A Cheerleader Chant

Creativity is always the best way to promote healthy learning of anything in a child. Create a cheerleader chant for each of the 1st grade spelling bee words in the list or you can also use this method for only difficult and lengthy words. Here is how it will go ( give me a K, give me an N, give me an O, give me a B, what do we get? KNOB!

Spell In A Recorder

If you have a lazy child who does not enjoy written activities, you can always go for some other alternatives. Turn on a recorder and ask your child to spell a word clearly letter by letter in it and record the audio. When he’s done with all of his spelling words, make him listen to that audio. He will surely memorize the spellings of almost every word after this practice.

Magazine search

Keep the spelling list in front of your child along with a magazine or newspaper where he can find his 1st grade spelling bee words and a colour pencil to circle and write the words he finds. Once he starts his search, make him circle the word everytime upon finding and to write them on a piece of paper for the purpose of practice.


If you want your child to test his vocabulary knowledge and learn more spelling bee related words, you can visit the spell quiz website where you will find different spelling bee words l;ists and test exercises to check the credibility of your child. It also has many other games and fun tests to help your child get better in spelling learning and dictation for class 1. You can sign up now or can also enjoy a free trial to learn more about the spellquiz services. 

It is a wonderful platform for students, teachers and parents to learn, practice and test their vocabulary and other grammar and literature related stuff. They have spelling tests, sight tests, spelling bees, comprehensions and much more.   


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