5 Attributes Of Packaged Drinking Water That Make It A Must-Have

5 Attributes Of Packaged Drinking Water That Make It A Must-Have

Packaged waters are waters for our consumption that is human consumption. These are not natural mineral waters. The water may contain some minerals that are added while manufacturing the bottled water. It may contain carbon dioxide but it has no added sugar, sweeteners, or any flavour. Packaged drinking water may develop harmful bacteria while it is being transported and the water is exposed to sunlight and high temperature. RO filtered water will be free of microbes or other harmful bacteria, protozoa, viruses or other harmful pathogens. It is not heartening to note that the companies selling these waters check for bacteria and pathogens only once a week.

There are some physical attributes of water like temperature, taste, colour, odour, and so on. These are determined by our senses of touch, sight, smell and taste. We can observe or see floating particles or debris. We can taste water to check for its drinkability.

The temperature of the water does affect its properties like thermal capacity, density, viscosity, salinity, the solubility of dissolved gases, etc.

The Colour of water is of some concern because coloured water doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing and we think it may contain some impurity. The colour may indicate the presence of some substance like some organic substance. It may also mean the presence of some hazardous substance.

Taste and odour are our perceptions of the quality of water. The taste could be sour, sweet, salty or bitter. Some organic materials mixed with water like some leaves may change the taste and odour of water.

Turbidity of water is another quality that means the properties of transmission of light through water. It consists of suspended material. It is crucial to the manufacturers of water bottles because they will be guided to fix the quality of water.

List of the Advantages of Bottled Water

1. Bottled water provides a superior form of hydration.

When you are drinking water from among the mineral water brands in India like Bisleri, it means you are drinking something that is going to give your body what it wants. You are thirsty and this water will quench your thirst. It has been estimated that more than 75% population remains dehydrated because they don’t have access to water fit to drink. When you are drinking from a packaged drinking water, your body is getting what it needs badly. It needs hydration and your blood needs it to flow freely in your veins and arteries. By drinking bottled water, you are not drinking any sugared drink or artificially flavoured beverage. If you have potable water contained in a bottle, you can conveniently carry it wherever you go. The absence of harmful chemicals in it prevents your body from getting sick in near future.

2. Bottled water is a product of convenience.

Bottled water can be carried conveniently to wherever you go whenever and you are sure the water stays with you. you are not carrying a weighty thing with you that may be a big bother for you or sometimes even embarrassing. A smart bottle will add to your overall suave personality. In case you forget to carry one of your bottles of water, you can buy it from a store anywhere on your way. Your water bottle won’t pose any threats to the aesthetics of your office desk. In all probability, the office will permit you to keep your drink because they do know your hydration is important.

3. Bottled water can store for a long time.

Yes, it’s one supreme advantage that you can keep the water stored for a long time and it won’t go stale or smelly. If the bottle remains sealed and you haven’t unscrewed the cap, you can retain the bottle for a long time, as long as you want. All that you have to do is keep it in the right environment and temperature. Even if the manufacturers of mineral water brands in India have prescribed a lesser self-life, you can keep it with you much longer than that.

4. Bottled water has a good flavour sometimes

Tap water can have a taste of chlorine that is added to enhance the goodness of water but you may not find it suitable to your taste buds. Bottled water on the other hand will be devoid of this despicable taste. It is also one of the prime reasons that people want the bottled water to drink from and to keep with them. Tap water usually has a funny taste due to the presence of some chemical in it for the treatment of water.

5. Bottled water gives you a consistent guarantee

Once you buy bottled water, you are buying something that has gone through stringent quality checks and constant monitoring. It goes through a process that ensures the water is free of chemicals or microbes harmful to your body.


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