Wonderful perks of wearing yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone?

Wonderful perks of wearing yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone?

In the middle of the precious gemstones and especially healing zodiac stones, pukhraj stone encompasses a special place. It is the gemstone that belongs to planet Jupiter that is even known as Brihaspati in Hindu astrology.

You can easily check out the diverse gem selections and pick the gemstone that suits you. In case you wear this yellow sapphire stone, you can experience many changes in your life for betterment. If you do not know anything about this gemstone then this is a post for you.

What is yellow sapphire?

The glowing and charming yellow sapphire stone is a well=-known stone all over the world. It was ushers in prosperity, wealth and even that of new sources of income. This precious stone has notable benefits in astrology. It encompasses high esteem in Vedic astrology as one of the most favourable gemstones among the Navratnas (the nine crucial gems in astrology) and is ruled by the expansive planet known as Jupiter. This lovely and delightful yellow/golden colour gemstone makes fascinating jewellery, which makes it a pet or favourite stone of jewellers all over the world.

Moreover, the abstract properties that it has make this auspicious gemstone a gemstone of wisdom, knowledge, good fortune, power, creative ideas, putting the plan into action, releasing fear and deferment. The yellow sapphire healing properties are praised worldwide. In Hindi, it is known as pukhraj or peelapukhraj and Kanakapushyaragam in Sanskrit. This gemstone acts great on the vishudha chakra (throat chakra).

The physical looks

This yellow sapphire gemstone can be impervious or transparent depending on how deep the yellow colour is. It differs in shades of yellow to golden and at times even orange as well. However, the lemon-yellow colour is valued most. Its properties are even shown in the sparkle of the stone and itcould be differently coloured when viewed from different angles. Sapphires can be heat treated, dim with beryllium or irradiated to preserve and augment their yellow brilliance, however, the naturally occurring yellow sapphires are most valued, especially for the astrology links.

The past shows that this amazing sunset yellow shaded gemstone has long held the respect and wonder of all types of people from travellers and explorers to that of kings and queens. Since ancient times in the country, natural yellow sapphire stone has been supported by priests, spiritual counsellors, or gurus and even healers as it assists in connection with the spiritual realm.

Wealth and fortune

This gemstone has the planetary energy of planet Jupiter that is the planet of fortune and wisdom. Once you wear a pukhraj stone, it can beget great fortune and wealth. You might experience a great income in your life and who knows you even win some money awards as well. This is the charm of this dashing and stunning stone.

Concentration and clarity

When you wear this pukhraj stone, it helps in better clarity, concentration and hence you experience better decision-making capability. You would experience utmost clarity in your life when you have worn this stone. If you think that you are intelligent and brave, but you lack the trait of clarity and concentration then this stone awaits you for sure. You would experience a radical change in your life for sure.

You get a suitable life partner

It could interest you too that planet Jupiter does signify marriage and marital happiness in the life of female individual’s birth chart. Wearing pukhraj stone can assist in overcoming delay in marriage and finding an ideal, suitable match.  In case you think that you are not getting a partner for your life and your wedding is getting late then you must wear this stone.

You get positivity and happiness

You know this natural pukhraj stone is a ‘feel good’ gemstoneas well. It might help you in a great deal in fighting a pessimistic outlook. Wearing a good quality and refine pukhraj stone can keep an individual positive and hopeful.

Jupiter is linked to the virtues of good luck and prosperity. Ruled by the guru, known as the teacher, this planet drives a person towards happiness and fulfilment via the usage of wisdom, and thus the right use of this gemstone can fetch useful rewards. With the impact of Jupiter, once you wear the yellow sapphire can bring a fortune in the areas of trade, profession related to the teaching of any kind, analysis, law, business and so on.

Enhancements in your academics

You know to wear pukhraj stone may get wonderful progress in academics and is an absolutely good gem for the ones who are engaged in higher academic pursuits as well as teaching. You would surely experience a great growth in your line.  There are many of you who work really hard, but the grades dissatisfy you right? Here, in case you wear this stone, it may work wonderfully for you and turn the things in your favour.

Wedged in legal procedures?

You know planet Jupiterrules over the realm of law and justice, therefore the ones engaged in any sort of legal profession or issues stand to advantage from yellow sapphire. Of course, in case you are too tired of this legal procedure and the complications then you must try out this gemstone. It can help you deal with your legal complications.

Creative and thoughtful

Yellow sapphire clears, balances and even that of re-energizes the chakra and the wearer regains their true unique qualities. It allows the wearer to articulate their feelings, voices and even that of opinions. People with unblocked vishudha chakra are amazing decision-makers.

Remember once the throat chakra is blocked, the fellow inclines to lose their creative side, career path gets sluggish and numerous obstacles come in. They face thyroid issues, constant back pains along with immunity disorders.


So, there is a great possibility that you are going to experience better outcomes in your life with pukhraj stone.  You can check out the good quality, semi-government gemstones at Khanna Gems.  You can talk to professional like Mr. Pankaj Khanna and his thirty years of experience in the industry would help you pick the pure yellow sapphire.


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