What are Weed Crystals?

What are Weed Crystals?

If you have held a cannabis flower in your hand, you notice it has tiny sticky crystals covering it. These are kief or weed crystals, also known as pollen or dry sift. Weed crystals refer to resin glands on the plant containing cannabinoids and terpenes, making cannabis unique. At the same time, marijuana sans kief contains cannabinoids, the resin glands on the flower bud pack a punch.

Weed Crystals a Built-In Cannabis Plant Protection

While it refers to the crystal formation on the gland tip of the plant, one part is called a hair or trichome. The cannabis plant uses it to deter herbivores. It does it by disorienting animals to prevent them from eating the plant. The resin has a strong odor to attract pollinators that keep herbivores at bay.

Manufacturers use extraction equipment to sift the kief as it has a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes in the resin glands. Doing this separates the weed crystals from the plant to consume, reducing the charred material you take into your body.

Some people also use a three-chamber herb grinder to grind the weed causing the crystals to fall through a screen, collecting it in the compartment. Furthermore, when you buy extracted weed crystals from a provider online, you need to keep in mind that the purer the weed crystals have a lighter color.

What Can You Do with Weed Crystals?

You can get it in a compressed hash brick with a dark color when not heavily pressurized. You can use it in many ways, from smoking to making hash. The first and most obvious use for kief is to sprinkle it onto a whole bowl of marijuana. It increases the overall potency with some generous dusting and needs burning of it in the bowl to enjoy multiple times.

Alternatively, you can take freshly ground weed and roll it in a joint by grinding the flower and a pinch of weed crystal mixed well. You get added trichomes that stick to the leaves to add potency to the joint. For a more advanced experience, you can wet the outside of the joint with a cannabis wax and roll the top one thirds in weed crystals, also known as a twaxed joint.

Final Thoughts

These are only a couple of ways that weed crystals are used. The term refers to the weeds trichomes containing THC and CBD. When abundant kief is present, it is very potent with high levels of cannabinoids. You will notice it is shiny and sticky. Furthermore, it also releases a telltale aroma of different strains, and the amount of light plays a vital role in the plant’s production.


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