Everything that you must know about the mediclaim policy and BMI calculator

Everything that you must know about the mediclaim policy and BMI calculator

Want to know about the mediclaim policy? Want to know about the working of the BMI calculator? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, you get the all informative knowledge about the same. So let’s start first with the mediclaim policy. Mediclaim policy plan joined the hands with the various insurance limited to secure the kids against the increase in living and health expenses and permits the kids to live their life in the best manner.

Further, we help you to know the inclusions and exclusions under the mediclaim policy.

What are the inclusions under the mediclaim policy?

Life cover: You easily secure your life in the event when you are not present due to the natural causes and the terminal illness, so your family members live their life comfortably under the mediclaim policy, even if it works in your absence.

Patient hospitalization: Get the coverage for the whole patient hospitalization and for the more than 540 treatments, only possible by the mediclaim policy.

No claim bonus: Under the medical policy, you get a 150% increase in the insured sum in the 5 years of claim to this policy.

Network hospitals: You easily get cashless hospitalization over the 7500+ network of a hospital in India under the mediclaim policy.

What are the exclusions under the mediclaim policy?

Suicide attempts: If any person attempts to make suicide and kill themselves, they do not get compensation under the mediclaim policy.

Drug abuse or alcohol: If the policyholder has passed away or suffers from some health issues or complications due to more usage of drugs and alcohol, the claim under the policy is not valid.

Infertility and pregnancy: The expenses that occur in the treatment during infertility operations and pregnancy, miscarriage, and abortion are not considered taking the coverage under this policy.

What do you mean by the BMI calculator?

A body mass index calculator is an online or offline tool that connects your body weight with your height to determine whether your weight is right for your stature or not. In simple words, we can say that the BMI calculator measures your body mass along with the weight and height of the body.

The tools of the BMI take your weight and split the square figure of your height. The result comes from the BMI calculator helps the person to understand if BMI corresponds to the range of health according to the correspondence BMI range. Make sure that the BMI calculator does not measure accurate body mass as it does not feature age, ethnicity, and muscle mass.


In this article, you get the complete details about the mediclaim policy along with its inclusions and exclusions. Here we also tell you about the BMI calculator ( body mass index calculator). Hope you understand all information present in this article.

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