Diving Into Some of the Hottest Titles by Image Comics

Diving Into Some of the Hottest Titles by Image Comics

If you’re someone who is casually aware of comic books, you probably know that the top companies in the industry are Marvel and DC. However, these are not the only players to note. In 1992, a group of seven popular artists and writers joined together after feeling unfairly treated by the big publishers. The group founded Image Comics, a company that aimed to give creators more control over their characters and stories. Nowadays, this publisher is one of the most renowned when it comes to independent, off-beat, and original stories.

Whether you’re interested in space sagas, apocalyptic futures, or traditional superheroes, Image Comics has something for everybody. Review these popular titles to find some exciting books to add to your list.


Begun in 2012, “Saga” is an epic story set in space. Written by Brian K. Vaughan and featuring dazzling, dreamy artwork by Fiona Staples, the space opera primarily centers on the birth and life of the child of a star-crossed relationship. The title takes regular publication “breaks” between releases, meaning that the story is still ongoing and catching up on previous issues is simple. If you enjoy far-flung adventures with all matter of bonkers aliens, silly capers, and tragic twists, “Saga” is a tale to indulge in.


Stories of humanity surviving after the end of the world are quite popular with modern audiences. While the story of a nuclear war putting the human race on the edge of extinction isn’t exactly a new concept, how the tale is told is what makes it interesting. This is the case with “Geiger,” a new comic penned by writer Geoff Johns and featuring artwork by illustrator Gary Frank and colorist Brad Anderson. Featuring a diverse cast of characters and a gripping plot, “Geiger” is perfect for those looking for a fix of doomsday stories.


Recently, the Amazon Prime series “Invincible” has taken off and has proven a success with audiences everywhere. Like many modern shows and movies, “Invincible” has its origins in comics. In fact, it is the “other” popular comic title by Robert Kirkman, known worldwide for his creation of “The Walking Dead” franchise. Like “TWD,” Kirkman writes “Invincible” with a focus on character, making this classic tale of superheroes anything but ordinary. Whether you’ve seen the show or are curious about a fun comic to try, this is a story worth reading.

While on the topic, “The Walking Dead” is another fantastic title by Image Comics to read. Though it shares a number of similarities with the television series, the comic has enough differences to make it a unique experience in and of itself. The title came to an abrupt end in 2019 with issue #193, meaning that the entire comic series is now available to read from beginning to end. With the television series poised to finish soon, fans of the franchise will appreciate reading the original source material.

Find the Best Fit

Comic books offer readers a chance to read an engaging story that comes to life through captivating artwork and imaginative twists. If you’re looking to dive into a new title or two, be sure to check out what Image Comics is pumping out. You may be surprised with what you discover!


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