Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Provides a Brief Introduction To American Humane Certified Cage-Free Eggs

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Provides a Brief Introduction To American Humane Certified Cage-Free Eggs

Modern food packaging can be quite confusing. Egg cartons today are commonly packed to the brim with seals, nutrition facts, labels, and more. As a result, it is normal for consumers to get confused by the proliferation of packaging claims. To choose the eggs they buy from the market smartly, consumers should ideally keep an eye out for UEP and American Humane Certified seal. Eggs sold by leading egg farmers of the United States like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania carry such certifications. This seal on an egg carton largely indicates that the hens laying those eggs were raised humanely.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania talks about the American Humane Farm Program

The American Humane Farm is the product of over 130 years of applied experience in farm animal welfare. Ever since its start in the year 1877, American Humane has been associated with initiatives in regard to various farm animals. This organization has been involved in almost every major advancement in improving the welfare of farm animals, and has been consistently working towards improving the treatment of working animals and livestock across the United States for decades.

American Humane is known to collaborate with institutions and organizations for independent research in animal behavior as well as new handling and housing applications. Their program includes practical hands-on experience of ranchers and farmers. It put emphasis on making sure that new technology and knowledge from veterinarians and animal research experts are shared with producers. Third party audits are conducted by the organizations to educate, encourage, and support egg producers and farmers in adopting discerning humane practices.

All laying hens certified by American Humane is, at a minimum, cage-free. Such hens live in a barn where they are able to freely move around. These hens also have littered floors that encourage natural behaviors like scratching and dust bathing. Many farmers with whom American Humane works with even make use of cage-free housing systems that provide access to the outdoors. As per the United States Department of Agriculture, cage-free eggs must be produced by eggs that are housed in a room, building, or enclosure that allows for unlimited access to food and water. The hens must also get the freedom to roam the area during the laying cycle.

Eggs that are not marketed as cage-free are likely produced by hens kept in cages. Battery cages basically are small cages that tend to be widely used in egg production in countries around the world, including the United States. These cages leave birds without enough room to fully stand, spread their wings, or turn around. Hence, any person who truly cares for animals and their well-being must not buy eggs from farms keeping hens in battery cages. It is always better to buy American Humane Certified cage-free eggs sold by companies like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania as they indicate that the eggs come from hens that have been treated humanely and provided with a high quality of life. This certification process provides assurance that egg farms meet strict animal welfare standards. Buying American Humane Certified Cage-Free Eggs additionally allows consumers to support farmers who prioritize animal welfare and encourage more farmers to do the same.


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