Basics Of Business Leadership In 2021

Basics Of Business Leadership In 2021

A process by which an executive can influence the work of others towards the accomplishment of a desirable goal is called Leadership.

It is also defined as the potential to influence the behavior of others or influence a group towards the realization of a goal. Leadership motivates the organizational members to develop future visions.

Kris Thorkelson is one of the most famous business leaders with over 20 years of business leadership experience.

According to Keith Davis, “Leadership is the human factors which unite a group together and motivates it towards goal.

Characteristics Of Leadership

  • Leadership develop intelligence among persons
  • It guides workers towards intimate goals
  • Leadership interacts with people together
  • Leadership tackle the worst situations in business
  • Leadership shapes and molds the behavior of a group.

Basics Of Leadership


Empathy is critical in the current situation, where many people are struggling. Leadership promotes enthusiasm among colleagues that can generate new ideas and innovation by engaging with other team members; despite this pandemic situation passionate work environment has been developed where employees feel valued and gave their opinions, and communicate easily in an open environment. Kris Thorkelson said in his interview that coordination between multiple points of contact is required when you’re selling a traditional product in a new way.


The pandemic of COVID19 had made a crash in flexibility, COVID had scattered various business dealing and canceled many contracts, but leadership always innovate new ideas again and again. In 2021 new services and technologies have become the basic skill for leadership; Leadership must have a sharp vision for the lookup of new opportunities and sudden changes needed to meet the current situation.

Learning Agility

 Learning agility incorporates both empathy and flexibility. “Learning agility is a model or set of practice.” Leadership needs to change business models and take into proper consideration with factors and trends that they had in the past. Learning agility is the most important factor in being successful in 2021.

Mindful Work

Managers may look like hardworking person, who never have time for themselves and put excessive burdens over themselves, but what happens to their teams and employees if the business relies on the manager? This can build pressure and make manager jobs difficult; in 2021, Leaders sort out this problem and decide to avoid unnecessary work and focus on the necessary task that put mindful work overwork with the burden.

Healthy Priorities

During the pandemic of COVID19, leaders and their team faced obstacles, which can impact their health. However, stress can cause changes in your mental health as well, thus causing a lack of motivation and less productivity. The management has learned a lesson from last year that checking employee’s health each year and focus on the leading project, and communicate with each team member with full support.

Final Thoughts

The impact of COVID 19 had altered the business situation a lot; in 2020, companies faced a loss of 20 to 60 percent, and 14 million American’s lost their jobs, and destroy many person health, education, safety, jobs, and financial condition, the way we work in the past, we should reevaluate and focus on new trends about how to make strong leadership, develop qualities and skills in our leaders with communication.


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